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For Surveyors


Like having your own personal satellite.

Drone photogrammetry with RTK/PPK precision produces orthomosaics (high definition geolocated map of your site) and each pixel of the image contains an X, Y & Z location in your EPSG code.

Load them into AutoCAD, Civil3D, TBC, or other professional software as a layer for your linework or design.

Delivered in .tiff or .ecw (fantastic compression so you can work fast without bogging down your workstation).

Point Cloud_edited.png

Point Clouds

Get all the measurements.

We produce Point Clouds with drone Photogrammetry and drone LiDAR.


Point Clouds have all your measurements, elevations and slopes - even under dense vegetation.

We classify points between ground and everything else so that you have a 3D surface model of your site.

Data is delivered via Cloud portal, .LAS file or .LAZ file.


TIN Files & Contours

Topo up to four hundred acres in a day.

We use LiDAR to penetrate vegetation and map the ground below. We virtually remove non-ground items so you have a clean surface.

Grid delivered in .XML file.


Contour lines to your specs delivered in .DXF or .DWG for import.

Pricing Guideline

Ultimate Package starting at $899 for 20 AC:


  • Control incorporation

  • Photogrammetry (orthomosaic in .ecw or .tiff for CAD or othe​r)

  • ​LiDAR point cloud classified between ground / trees

  • Surface model and contours (through vegetation) in .dwg 

Other FAA approval fees, processing fees, or project specific requirements may apply.


Substantial discount on subsequent flights (2+)


Our team is ready to answer your questions and provide a no-hassle quote.



"I just wanted to let you know how versatile your drone work is, and that I have been able to use the drone photos and data that you have recorded for IA Management in several ways. I was able to get accurate bid measurements... I just want to say thanks for your work and to let you know it has paid great dividends for IA Management."

Ron, VP of Facilities

Madison, Wisconsin

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